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So, I finally took the plunge and replaced my Stoners Glass Cleaner for Adams Glass Cleaner. I had already had the Glass Cleaning Towels, but thought I would throw it in here too.

OP, are your windows tinted? Mine are tinted and I have the same problem. The towel tends to "grab" the glass. But also, I am using a cheaper towel too, not the Adam's towels. The towels glide easily on the exterior windows though. But I also have all the exterior windows treated with Rain-X. Not sure if that plays any role in it either. Regardless, I like the Adams glass cleaner, it works great.

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Try a low nap (300 gsm, readily available in bulk packs at big box) on the interior glass, you may be surprised at how well it works with the glass cleaner. I have ZERO issues with grabbing on the interior, streaking on the inside or outside, with either of my cars using Adams Glass cleaner, big box store cheapo towels, and properly clayed glass, and both cars have tinted windows as well.

Then I go over with a light mist and the Adams glass towel to buff to a streak free finish. Keeps your Adams glass towels cleaner for longer amount of time.