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Make Your Own All Natural Fabric Softener ~ Free Printable

Vinegar as an all natural fabric softener is a great way to make a eco friendly change to your laundry routine. White vinegar is one of the main things I rely on in my laundry room! It is an all natural fabric softener that can replace the need for other kinds of fabric softeners sold in stores.

This all natural DIY laundry crystals recipe is perfect for adding an extra oomph of fragrance to your laundry. No more buying those chemical filled fabric softener crystals when you can just make your own all natural fabric softener crystals.

DIY All Natural Fabric Softener

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DIY All Natural Fabric Softener Recipe

Good news! You can easily add a natural fragrance to your all natural fabric softener with your favorite essential oils. Simply add about 40 drops of essential oils to one gallon of white vinegar. (Suggestions: Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile or Orange.)

So today I am going to share several of my favorite ways to make a All Natural Scented Fabric Softener. You will be amazed how easy it is to make and it is free of harmful chemicals and dyes that store bought fabric softeners are loaded with!