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Ajax 49682 Ajax Low-Foam All-Purpose Laundry Detergent, 36lb Box


Professional All Purpose Pressure Washer Soaps

Hotsy All Purpose Detergents are chosen because of their ability to clean effectively in a number of different applications. Industrial-strength, these all-purpose detergents are concentrated to go a long way, and include the following products.

Name: All Purpose Detergent
Item #: 101
Description: liquid, all purpose cleaner, ceramics, glass
pH: 13.0
Application/Compatibility: All metals except aluminum, plastics, ceramics, glass, graphite
Contaminants: Light oils, grease, dust, dirt, fingerprints
Use: Conc.- 1-4 oz./gallon of water, Temperature – 120° -150°F

Hotsy Pressure Washer Detergents | All Purpose

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All 5729888 l-Purpose Powder Detergent, 19 lb