Armor All Automotive Glass Cleaner, 22oz $ 9

Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner 22 Oz.


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Your car’s glass is just as important as the glass in your house. Protect your car’s glass with Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner. Unlike some household cleaners, this specially formulated cleaner works to remove road grime and interior film that can build up on your glass. Leaves your glass looking clean and streak-free.

The Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner has been formulated for taking care of your car windows. Your car glass is too delicate for a household cleaner and the ammonia used in most of the cleaners can be harmful to the glass surface. This cleaner gives an incredible clarity to the glass and leaves it looking clean and shiny.

Trust Armor All® Glass Cleaners for clear and streak-free results.

Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner 
Performance 5/5
Price 5/5
Ease of Use 4/5
Instructions 0/5

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I’m a big fan of Meguiar’s products, but the Meguiar’s NXT Generation Glass Cleaner costs RM45 and the Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner costs RM23.50, so I gave the Armor All a try.

My Experience: Since the first day I used this product on my dearly 'not missed' 1994 Ford Escort I have been disappointed with the results I get every time. I have however continued using this product on my Lumina/Storm/Sunfire as a back-up when I run out of my 'Turtle Wax ClearVue' window cleaner. Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner might say "it will leave a streak free shine", but each time I use this product I usually have to go over the same area 2-3 times to get an adequate result. If your windows have any sort of bugs on them, this product just smears them like crazy..nice thought huh? I do like the fact that this product is safe for tinted windows. Almost every car I have ever owned has had tinted windows so a product without all those harsh ingredients is welcomed. Despite leaving a relatively hazy shine, I also have had problems with the spray cap, it seems to drizzle out in an uneven spray and then go back to a normal spray and repeats this scenario once or twice while I'm using the product. This unreliable spray makes it a pain in the butt when cleaning the interior windows. I've also tried using this product on the windows in my house and have came up with the same results; a hazy shine that needs a second treatment.