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Babies have a distinctive sweet smell all of their own. Any baby detergent that you use should ideally be unscented. And if it scented, it should contain only naturally occurring organic fragrance. Manufactured scents contain chemicals that are known carcinogens. A 2010 study found highly , some of which were carcinogenic.

Before we begin, please note that we are just calling it baby laundry soap for the ease of distinguishing the two in this section, but when you go shopping for the product, you’ll most probably see them labeled as ‘baby laundry detergent’.

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    For over 75 years now, Dreft has been a leader in helping moms clean baby’s clothes from 0-18 months. Pediatricians recommend this baby detergent because it works well for the special demands of soiled baby clothes, and is gentle on the skin. There’s a light, subtle fragrance to this detergent that should not upset the baby in any way, and most moms actually find it quite soothing. The design of the bottle makes it very easy to use, and the convenient liquid formula lasts for a long time. The bottle is also made of 25% recycled plastic, so it’s more gentle on the environment than some other detergents out there. If you’re looking for a baby detergent that has been vetted throughout the years and still stands as a consumer favorite, then Deft might just be the perfect place to start for your baby. It’s gentle enough to be tolerated by your baby, and also tough enough to thoroughly clean their highly-soiled garments.

    You want the best for your baby, and so do we. Purex Baby Laundry Detergent is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and formulated to be extra gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin.