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I urgently need information on where to buy Biocare Bathroom cleaner. It is the only bath cleaner which I find satisfactory.
I was able to purchase it at my local Sainsburys in the past but they no longer have it in stock.
I would happily buy it in quantity.
Can you help please?

Hi, just found this webpage and I’m happy I did. I like what I see, it’s very informative. Great ideas on bathrooms cleaning.

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    I am desperate to find Biocare Bathroom Cleaner as it’s the best product I have ever come across. First time I bought it was in Sainsburys until they stoped selling it. Then I found it in Morrissons and bought four but now can’t find there either. It would be great fi someone could let me know where I can buy it. Thanks

    Almost all bathroom cleaning product contain harsh chemicals including bleach, so it is not very recommendable for you to use them, especially if you have kids. Once the chlorine from the bleach is combined with acid, a poisonous gas is produced. This gas is like the one that people used to use back in the World Wars. Most people know that bleach is a corrosive and dangerous irritant that can easily burn your skin and other surfaces and materials that come into contact with it.