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Bleach, Vol. 20


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Bleach D20 Classless: Mako Megaladonis and Raiko Rezubian: Another dedication book, this time to our first playtester who died tragically in a car accident.

Bleach D20 Classless: In Memoriam: This is a special book, as my father passed away recently. This is a dedication to him and all he stood for.

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    Bleach D20 Classless: Bleach: American Genesis: Introduces a Western version of Soul Society. Ever wonder what would have happened if Tite Kubo used Western mythology to power his creation? Now you do.

    Bleach D20 Classless: The Essential Dragonball: Introduces more rules and clarifications on the Dragonball stuff and information on a home game ran by the Development team in another system before this project started.