How to Get Your Bleach Blonde Hair

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo 250Ml


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"I'm addicted to all Lee Stafford products! The smell is just amazing and the bleach blondes shampoo and conditioner are just superb. (I love it when Boots has a 3 for 2 offer on haircare going on! :D)"

"Hi, I have never done this before (is email a company about a product) but I am so happy with your 'Bleach Blond' shampoo and conditioner range that I just had to email. Thank you so so much for inventing this product. I had tried everything to get rid of that horrific brassy tone. If I heard that it was 'the hardness of my water' or the tone of my hair' one more time, I could cry. Then a salon recommened your range. Sad as it may sound, it has changed my life. I'm in love with the stuff. I have told every blond I know all about it and I have the majority converted to using your product. Anyway, if you see an increase in sales in Limerick, Ireland, that's down to me!!! Feel free to send me some freebies however!! Seriously though, thanks so much for this product. It has made the difference! Kate"

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BLEAch BLondes · Lee Stafford · The Hairdresser

"I am a believer that if you like a product tell people, and boy have I told people. On a regular basis I am asked what colour I use on my hair? It's not the hair dye, it's the shampoo and conditioner I use, I just love your bleach blondes range (shampoo & conditioner)My problem is not a lot of people have heard of " lee Stafford" so on a regular basis I find myself routing about in my handbag or purse for a scrap of paper to write the product down, and this is for people I don't know or have never met before.. I NEED YOUR NAME CARDS. it would make my life a whole lot easier. I have always had very fine hair and never paid mega bucks for a cut (no-one complements me on any of these) but I have always had to pay that bit more to look after what I have..So thank-you and well done from a very happy customer. "

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