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The Soul Society expansion set presents an all new design template set on 142 game-breaking new cards and introduces the first subset rarity cards for the TCG, featuring some of the most fearsome squad captains and lieutenants that stand between Ichigo and friends. In addition to the ten new subset cards, there are 42 commons, 36 uncommons, 30 rares, 2 ultra rares, 10 alternate art promos and 12 promo high-tech cards. This second set also brings four new playable guardian cards to the table, expanding the number of different ways you can play the game.

Each set included (one per booster) extra, larger cards most of which fit together to form a nine-card poster. These also helped protect the edges of the playable cards in the booster. The bottom middle card from the Seireitei set was omitted from boosters for the Seireitei set; the cards were added to the extra cards in the Bankai set.

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I like it, though i think bleach cards format are different than this.

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TECHNIQUE BLEACHING OUT CARDSTOCK ... emboss your image purpose keeps bleach in the lines ,bleach out the card stock with a dried out blender pen, use fresh bleach, let dry, you can then leave or use pastels & Qtips paint colors in & shade