Here are a few tips for safer bleach cleaning:

Soft Scrub Cleanser with Bleach, 36 Fluid Ounce


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I had all the ingredients for my DIY bleach cleaner, and it mixed up fast! I was instantly using it on my counter tops, and it worked well, even on the coffee ring, left from my morning cup of coffee. I have not personally done the math on this, but if I had to guess, I think this would come in at under .05¢ a bottle to make.

New Clorox® Bleach Cream Cleanser has 1.3% sodium hypochlorite. It provides the fast, strong cleaning you expect from Clorox® bleach.

Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser - Soft Scrub

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    There are a few recipes floating around for similar bleach cleaners. One calls for liquid dish detergent to be mixed in instead of laundry detergent. The only detergent that comes to mind that would be safe for this cleaner is as most of the dish detergents now have ammonia in them. Ammonia mixed with bleach creates highly toxic fumes. I opted to avoid the dish detergent all together. Please read your labels if it has ammonia in it the label will say "Do not mix with bleach"

    I made the mistake of mixing dish-soap with bleach to clean my floors.
    I did get a headache, and my eyes were stinging a little and I also got a slight dry throat but I just thought it was the bleach fumes causing that.
    But after researching what was in my dish-soap (it didn’t have it on the bottle so I had to go online) it did contain alcohols (ethanol and isopropanol) which can make chloroform gas and amines.
    So lesson learned.