Bleach Reloj Collar Hollow Mask

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Treating Yellowed Stained Collars on White Shirts | Clorox

NOTE: The above method works best with white cotton dress shirts. Hydrogen peroxide may lightly bleach some colored shirts. If your shirt’s tag beckons for dry cleaning, heed its advice.

Why your at it, can someone explain how to get out ring around the collar? That's how my white work shirts are always ruined. Better yet, is there way to prevent it? Those turn-of-the century dudes with removable collars had the right idea!

The gel has the same great sodium hypochlorite bleach active as ..

Treating Yellowed Stained Collars on White Shirts

During the 1890's, many of the shirts men wore had detachable collars. They attached to the collar of the ring-necked or collarless shirts, which many of us wear, by means of a button or collar stud in the back of the neck of the shirt, and a collar stud in the front of the shirt. Most of us who have these shirts have the button in the back of the ring-necked collar as well as the stud that we use to fasten the ring collar together. But the collars can be hard to come by, especially if you have a large neck.