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I figure I'll buy smaller bottles to carry it around in, then I could mix the bleach and detergent in the water instead of mixing them together in a container up in my condo.

In that case, I'd suggest mixing the bleach and detergent as you originally planned. It won't make an appreciable difference to your clothes in the end.

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    The Purex Ultra Concentrate with Color Safe Bleach detergent is a concentrated laundry detergent that has color safe bleach that you can use with colored clothes to get out tough to beat stains, as well as brightening and protecting colored clothing.

    I'm actually really surprised at all of the bad reviews that this detergent has. I'm a huge fan of Purex detergents and this Color Safe Bleach detergent was just as good as the other Purex detergents I've tried.

    It did an amazing job at getting rid of all of those tough heavy stains out of my colored clothes that other laundry detergents just couldn't get out. All of my colored clothes look bright and brand new. I felt like this detergent actually protected my colored clothing and didn't fade them at all, unlike most detergents that fade my clothes quickly. I felt like because this was concentrated I barely had to use a capful of detergent, and the bottle of detergent lasted me a lot longer. I no longer buy detergents that aren't concentrated because I feel like they don't clean my clothes as well.

    I will definitely be purchasing this detergent again for my colored clothing, because it lifts all the stains out without damaging them.

    It completely removed all the stains from my colored clothes without fading them at all. They look brand new and bright, and I barely had to use much laundry detergent at all. They were completely fresh, clean, and smelled amazing without any irritation.

    I actually really like the way this detergent smells. I feel like Purex has some of the best smelling and non-irritating detergents. The scent I used was Mountain Breeze, and it was a very fresh and clean smelling scent.

    Tide with bleach detergent is amazing. I have used this to wash my clothes for many years. I tend to change up detergents every now and then just because I like to try new things, but I always find myself going back to Tide with bleach. I absolutely love how this detergent smells. I cannot describe the smell, but I'm obsessed with it. The smell lasts on my clothes for a while after washing them, even if they've been in a drawer or in a closet. That is one of my favorite things about it because I love my clothes to smell clean and fresh. Not only does this detergent leave your clothes smelling great, it cleans them really well. I have a one and a half year old who makes messes daily and I am always worried her clothes would be ruined. So far Tide with bleach has cleaned all stains out of her clothes perfectly. What a relief! I would recommend this detergent to anyone who needs a soap that will clean tough stains without a long prewash treatment.

    I could not ask for better results from a detergent. Tide with bleach cleans my family's clothes better than any other detergent I have tried. They are clean and there are no oily residue spots left where stains existed before washing.

    Tide smells really good. It's a smell that I cannot compare to anything else, but it is great.