Men's XXL tee with hacked neckline and bleach tie dye.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 40 Volume.


DIY Bleach Tie Dyeing Fabric - Shutterbean

Another technique that you can use for tie dyeing is bleach dyeing, which is pretty much a reverse dyeing technique, so instead of adding color, you’ll be wanting to remove color out of a colored fabric. For bleach dyeing you can use plain bleach that should be as simple as possible, so it’s in its most concentrated state. I’ve already prepared my fabric by folding it in accordion style both ways and then it’s gathered together with rubber bands and I also presoak it, so it will receive easily the bleach.

I have been working with bleach dye ever since I saw this tutorial– the results are fantastic and I can’t thank you enough! However, I do have a couple of questions…

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