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Jennifer Lance has no medical training and the article is irresponsible. It does not include facts covered in the quoted articles (which were reports of published medical trials advocating the use of diluted bleach in eczema treatments). The reported effects of bleach are for undiluted bleach. Diluted bleach is safer for skin than other treatments for chronic eczema – UV light treatment and topical steroids which in high doses can cause cancer and thinning of the skin repsectivley.

It upsets me that someone with no medical knowledge can write an article and it be the top of the Google search when typing in Safe use of bleach in eczema. As a dermatology nurse who has nursed thousands of children and desperate parents I have seen outstanding results with the bleach. I am also a mother and I understand how unusal it may seem. We all however put our children in chlorinated pools, the amount of bleach required in the bath is far more dilute than that. I hope my patients parents don’t read your article and get frightened off from using this very effective and yes safe method when appropriate.

Bleach or Vinegar: A Recipe for Eczema – Cheryl Lee MD

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I suppose they are recommending bleach for eczema because dangerous staphylococcus bacteria could be present along with it (or might be causing it). I have no idea. I just read about this on a website specializing in MRSA decolonization. They said something about eczema and a link with MRSA.

Not only is this article replete with spelling mistakes, but the opinion in it comes across as so judgmental when it is obvious the author has not fully researched all her facts surrounding bleach and eczema.