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First of all, genital bleaching is the new spa treatment being offered by almost all reputed spa and salons around the world. Genital bleaching products are used to lighten the skin color of the area surrounding vagina and anus. One can either choose to get the entire vagina-anus bleaching, or choose to stick with only vagina or anus, as per personal needs and requirements. But why would anyone want to bleach their genitals? The same reason for which we pluck or wax down!

The doctors performed two tests on the skin whitening ability of Alpha Arbutin. In the first study it reduced pigmentation in skin cells by 25 percent. In the follow-up 40 reduction in melanin. That means skin cells were Skin Bleaching For Genitals nearly half as dark –

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    Moreover, the sadistic couple burned her with a cigarette, whipped with a chain and sexually assaulted her with a wooden table leg. They also poured boiling water all over her injured body and bleached her genitals.

    It’s soft gentle and very easy to you. It only requires a simple daily application to the affected area to work. Does Meladerm Work? Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex has been around for over 4 years and has received multiple awards and many rave reviews for not only being Skin Bleaching For Genitals the best selling skin lightening cream but vaginal bleaching before and after also being the most effective one on the market.