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Whilst Bleach could help defend against infectious agents, it's not like it's going to actually harm Plaguemarines or Nurgle's forces. It's more of a defensive weapon... a Bleach moat etc. so clean them before they get to you

Obviously we did not verify safety claims, but are certainly thrilled if this light, comfortable helmet is also safer for our noggins by absorbing more energy during impact. We’d be lying if we said the material doesn’t make us wonder about the chance of the sharp edges of Koroyd cutting our scalp if we were to suffer a major head impact, but Scott maintains the material is designed to crush in a crash, and regardless, a few papercuts would still be far preferable than a concussion.

How to | Clean/Whiten a Football Helmet - Duration: 8:36

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    Head lice are a potential problem for bike rental shops who provide helmets to bike renters. They are also a problem for schools who want to use the same set of helmets for students in different classes. Lice are the most difficult problem with helmets to be exchanged among students, since simple washing with mild soap and water can easily take care of plain old dirt and hair oils.