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If you somewhat enjoyed writing the pregnancy h/cs I hope you don't mind me asking for some more...? Maybe for Ukitake (bless his soul), Hisagi and Gin? thanks!

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Bleach Anime Hisagi and Kazeshini

  • In which episode of bleach does hisagi ask tousen to remove him from his seated officer position.?
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    Hisagi has proven to be a serious, calm, mature, and virtuous individual, who manages to maintain a casual and approachable demeanour, despite his harsh exterior. His maturity was proven when, prior to the meeting where he and revealed vital information relating to the resurgent , he was one of the few who maintained his cool, remaining silent when and poked fun at Kensei and made light of the situation. Even whilst fleeing the full might of the Imawashī, Hisagi never lost his cool, remaining calm despite declaring that roughly half of the Imawashī's number contained Captain-class combatants. Kensei ridiculed him for a lack of focus however. He seems to have taken the latter's complaints to heart. Ever since the aforementioned incident Hisagi has redoubled his efforts. During the he seized the initiative and rallied Kensei to help him fend off the attacking forces of the .