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According to several blogs, the Lil Kim challenge was set up as a joke which prompted teens to soak their hands or feet in bleach to lighten their skin. The challenge requires that the participant keeps their body soaked in bleach for at least 30 mins or more. The longer the soak, the lighter the skin.

You could easily rip the garment while trying this, and if an ink pack explodes, that dress is probably dunzo. “We have had questions about removing the ink from security tags,” said Lorraine Muir, the ’s director of Textile Testing and Research Services. “If there is a heavy amount of ink on the fabric, it may not be possible to remove the stain. If only a small amount contacts fabric, it may be possible to lighten or remove the stain.”

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  • Will a bleach bath help get rid of the orange left after a high lift?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Bleach will lighten your hair to a yellow, but you will need toner to get the brassy tones out of it. Blue toner can fix bleached orange hair and give it a light brown color.
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    It all depends on the fabric, the composition and concentration of the staining substance, and how long the stain has set in. “If dark black ink in a security tag contacts a pink satin fabric made of silk, chances of removing the stain completely are low, although it may be possible to lighten the stain,” Lorraine says.

    Every girl wants to prep her hair for the summer. How about lightening up your hair to glowing shades of gold to add an edge to your look this summer? The saloon method uses sprays, dyes or bleach to lighten the hair to your desired look. But these methods can dry our your hair, make them brittle and damage with regular application. If you are looking for some natural methods, then your kitchen holds the clue for you! Yes, using lime you can naturally lighten up your hair by a few shades which stays for at least a couple of weeks, and is it safe on your hair too. Watch this amazing video and get ready to style your hair for the summer!