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  • Bleach Movie 4: Jigoku-hen (2010) [Full HD Engsub]

    Bleach movie – The last week double issue 36-37 of Shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine announced that Bleach will end with an important announcement which was to be revealed on August 22. An early look at the issue 38 of the magazine announce that Bleach will get an Movie Adaptation scheduled for 2018.

    The most recent (and possibly final) Bleach movie is also possibly the best of a very good bunch. A group of strange warriors seemingly break out of hell itself to force Ichigo into helping them escape their eternal torment by bringing his sisters Karin and Yuzu down with them, raising the steaks quite high and definitely making the battle more personal for Ichigo than in the previous films. Tite Kubo was more personally involved with the production of this movie than its predecessors, and it really shows. Kubo’s unique humour and charm permeates the narrative throughout and makes this feel much more rooted in the spirit of the manga series than the movies and filler episodes generally do. With far and away the best audio and visuals yet attained in any single Bleach anime, a high-stakes story, and further expansion of the Bleach mythos regarding hell, this movie is not to be missed by any Bleach fan. To avoid spoilers, though, make sure you at the very least make it up to around episode 273 (preferably 299, the last episode before the movie was released, just to be safe) before watching Hell Verse.