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BLEACH THE MOVIE The Hell Verse -Additional Cues for the Soundtrack

The first Bleach movie is a stand-out film for many reasons: the movie’s primary original character, a mysterious female shinigami named Senna, is thoroughly endearing and easily stands among the best Bleach characters, the story is both meaningful and touching, and it’s both visually and aurally well-produced. The movie’s story centers around Senna’s mysterious appearance along with strange Hollow-like creatures called Blanks and how Ichigo attempts to protect her from a group of shinigami called the Dark Ones. Even though it’s a non-canonical anime movie, so you know from the get-go that nothing too serious can happen, the movie still carries an uncharacteristically deep emotional weight and is a must-see for anime and Bleach fans alike.

Another great Bleach movie. In Fade to Black, two mysterious people with an odd scythe erase everyone in Soul Society’s memories of Rukia’s existence, and by extension their memories of Ichigo. Ichigo and Kon soon snap back to normal and set out to try to figure out why Rukia was spirited away. Fade to Black is filled with fanservice, insofar as you get to see Ichigo once again battle many of the captains and vice-captains of the Gotei 13, and is generally all the more awesome for it. You get to learn even more about Rukia’s past and have a nice showy narrative to enjoy in the mean time. An enjoyable ride throughout, just make sure you know a thing or two about Bleach before watching it, otherwise the plethora of characters flashing by will be pretty overwhelming.

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  • Bleach Movie 4: Hell Chapter Part (6/7) [HD] - YouTube

    The Bleach movies come as a continuous and still running series of manga designed by Tite Kubo. The adventure began in the summer of 2001, in Weekly Shonen. Every since then, it became a real success and even got to benefit from a few movies. The series present the adventurous life of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is a student in high-school who has an unusual power to see the ghosts wasting their time in the real world. At the same time, the story also concentrates on a Shinigami – Rukia. During the first stories, the author presented the life of the two characters, but as time passed by, he slowly dug in the underworld of ghosts.

    Aside from the Bleach movies, the series has also benefited from some TV series for kids, a few OVAs, a card game and plenty of video games. The manga has become a front runner not just in Japan, but also in America and Europe. It earned a few awards as well, hence its popularity in the cinema world. The first movie – Memories of Nobody – was released in the winter of 2006. The movie debuted in Japan, but it was quickly taken over by cinemas all over the world. It presents Ichigo's life and beginning in the ghost underworld.