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“Once a soul has spent a certain amount of time in the Soul Society, it is reborn into the human world.” (Bleach Official Character Book Souls, page 96)

Printed right-to-left (in order to keep the integrity of its"unflipped art") and in black-and-white (with a handful ofcolor pages and a bonus set of color stickers and mini-poster), BleachOfficial Character Book Souls is not a graphic novel per se, but rathera companion volume to the action-packed, wildly popular"Bleach" manga and anime series about "SoulReapers", guardians who escort human souls to their destination,battle evil spirits, and maintain balance in the spirit realm. Packedwith exhaustive information on the characters, storyline summaries of"Bleach" volumes 1-21, a bonus manga story, the original"Bleach" one shot, and an interview with Tite Kubo, BleachOfficial Character Book Souls is a "must-have" for any seriouscollector of the series and the perfect catch-up guide for anyone justgetting into the latest "Bleach" manga or anime episodes.

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