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Increased arrivals from producing regions also put pressure on the stable bleaching powder prices. Stable bleaching powder fell by Rs 10 to conclude at Rs 390-440 per 25 kg.

Traders said subdued demand from consuming industries against increased arrivals from producing belts mainly pulled down stable bleaching powder prices on the wholesale chemical market here.

2 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Bleaching Powder

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SynopsisWhich Is the Best Bleaching Powder for Highlighting?. Part of the series: Eye Makeup & More. Not all bleaching powders are created equal, especially for the purposes of highlighting. Find out which is the best bleaching powder for highlighting with help from a makeup artist in this free video clip.

5 Sales and Revenue Analysis of Bleaching Powder by Regions

In restricted activity, stable bleaching powder prices fell by Rs 10 per 25 kg in the national capital on Wednesday in view of reduced offtake by consuming industries amid adequate stocks.

Did you know that bleaching powder is a great cleaning agent for plastic. If you have light plastic furniture at home, mix detergent with bleach and scrub your dirty plastic chairs.