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Bleach Soul Socity - Art Print on Canvas (32x24 inches, unframed)

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Bleach season 1 theme song - YouTube

Im having a problem with season 1 (only one i checked so far) The audio isn't syncing with the video, by as much as like 5 seconds. Nobody else has complained about this, so im assuming i did something wrong. Any idea how to fix this? Watching it on a Galaxy Tab3.

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Bleach Season 1 episode 1 "The day I became a shinigami"

I hope you enjoy it , I plan on uploading the whole series as well as other anime so if you like this than subscribe for more

Bleach Season 1 falls somewhere between “mediocre” and “meh.” There’s something to glean from it, sure, but it falls by the wayside in comparison to shows of similar genre and length. Christians should be aware that Bleach contains bloody violence, frequent profanity and sexual innuendo, and prevalent spiritual content before deciding whether or not to watch it.