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Bleach Shinji Hirako AMV (psycho)

Bleach Hirako Shinji Former Captain Squad 5 Sword release

Yoruichi Shihōin is an old friend of Urahara Shop owner , and so uses it as a place of residence when she is not abroad. She is a slim, sexy, dark-skinned woman with deep-violet hair. She can also transform into a black cat and back at will (much to 's displeasure as she would tease him whenever she appeared naked before him after transforming). Her cat form gives her a deep voice, which leads many characters to initially believe she is a male and thus call her "Mr. Yoruichi". Yoruichi is very easy-going and she insists that Suì-Fēng avoid formalities when speaking to her. She tends to avoid combat and will not engage her enemies unless her allies will lose without her intervention. When first introduced, she helps Ichigo and his friends infiltrate Soul Society. As the series progress, it is revealed that Yoruichi is a former captain of the , head of the noble Shihōin clan, and was the Commander in Chief of the Secret Mobile Corps. Therefore, she is highly knowledgeable in Soul Society's history due to her background as a leader of one of the four highest ranking noble families. According to a citation from Kisuke Urahara when he explained to Hiyori Sarugaki, any squad captain in the Gotei 13 who has had the Secret Mobile Corps under his or her control (usually 2nd Squad) will be a formidable military force in Soul Society. As Yoruichi was the leader of the Secret Mobile Corps and also a squad captain herself during the pendulum period and also a leader of a high ranking noble house, it has made her position in the Soul Society as one of the most intimidating and respected. A century before the start of the series she abandoned all of her military and noble house positions by helping Urahara, , and the escape to the human world. Series creator Tite Kubo identifies Yoruichi as one of his two favorite female characters in the series (along with ), citing that he "has a lot of fun drawing her and creating stories with her."

Bleach has been adapted into a series of rock musicals, jointly produced by and Nelke Planning. There have been five musicals produced which covered portions of the and arcs, as well as five additional performances known as "Live Bankai Shows" and "Rock Musical Bleach Shinsei", which did not follow the plotline. The initial performance run of the musical was from August 17–28, 2005, at the Space Zero Tokyo center in .