A-Morir Bleach Round Sunglasses

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A-Morir Bleach Round Sunglasses - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS

Few bands are as notable as Nirvana, even fewer frontmen with as much impact as Kurt Cobain. Inspired by the Christian Roth frames Kurt shaded himself with, the 'Bleach' sunglasses features an oval frame design with hand paved Swarovski crystals in a rich white opal with a glimmer of gold, contrasting black tinted lenses, a silver-tone design logo at the arm and an aurora borealis tinted crystal embellishment. A glamorous twist to a grunge classic. Includes black vinyl pinch case.

* Note: all A-Morir products are handmade in NYC and no two are ever exactly alike.

About A-Morir
Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, Rihanna, Beyonce and Debbie Harry are but a few of those larger-than-life personalities who have adorned eyewear designs by A-Morir. And it's easy to see why these statement-making shades have been so highly sought after. Each piece is handcrafted in NY using premium materials and reflects the designer's penchant for dazzle and the theatrical.

EDIT: Having a poke it seems like they're just offering them as clear lenses (not sure if prescription) for 5,000 yen. I can't seem to click on them to take me through to the buying page like I can with the previous designs (which now seem to only be available as sunglasses)

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