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Ichigo Final Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword - Inspired by Anime


Zanpakuto Bleach Sword - Renji Abarai Sword - Fantasy Anime Weapon

Don't worry Dragon Ball Z fans: we offer a wide range of available swords from your favorite anime. One of our best selling swords is the Dragon Ball Z Trunks Sword, one of the most beloved characters from the Dragonball Z series. This super Saiyan warrior is a time traveler and has an incredibly powerful sword capable of incredible attacks. This 440 stainless steel sword is designed to look as close to his sword as possible. It comes with a display plaque and a sheath designed to keep your sword safe.

In this category, nearly all the Bleach Swords are offered. These swords were originally used in the series however, we offer replica versions which are quite accurate and stunning. Many global clients and fans who have bought Bleach Weapons from us, seemed pleased and satisfied because they said that they really appreciate and like our replica versions of Bleach Zanpakuto (they call a katana as “Zanpakuto” in the series, guess they couldn’t think of a simpler and easily pronounceable word).

Muramasa Kuchiki Konga Bleach Anime Sword | Heavenly Swords

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Hitsugaya Hyourinmaru Zanpakuto Bleach Sword | eBay

Each Bleach Katana is manufactured from High Quality Stainless steel and features a full tang construction. Actually, all of our swords are full tang except a few because of the shape and design. Full tang helps in making a firm structure and long lasting life. You probably don’t want your favorite Bleach Swords to break when swung in the air right? That’s where full tang really helps. One more thing is that all the versions are replicas. They can be a beautiful wall hanging stuff, decoration stuff, ornamental items, swords collection, swinging and playing but never hope any replica to act as the real one, never fight with a replica sword.

The details of this replica Bleach sword should accurately match the personal weapon of the story's main antagonist -- Sousouke Aisen, one-time captain of the 5th Division Soul Reapers and the creator of the Hollows.