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Ripple Junction Bleach Your Inner Hollow Adult T-Shirt Medium Black


Bleach Blue Shirt - Blue Shirt - Denim Shirt - $11.00

Line up your favorite manga characters on this cool Bleach t shirt! The Bleach Frames T Shirt is silver, with six blue panels in front of red and blue stripes that spell out the word "Bleach" in blue letters and contain characters from the manga and anime series, including Ishida, Renji, Rukia, Ichigo, Hitsugaya and Rangiku.

Fans of the manga series will get the joke when they see you wearing this funny Bleach t shirt. The Bleach Inner Hollow T Shirt is black and features a large image of Ichigo Kurosaki in his Hollow Ichigo form, pointing and holding a sword. The words "Get in touch with your inner Hollow" surround the image.

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  • Splatter bleach onto the shirt for a more decorative look.
  • Black Bleach Splat Longline Denim Shirt - TOPMAN USA

    A Hollow mask takes over Ichigo on this cool Bleach t shirt! The Bleach Hollow T Shirt is black with the word "Bleach" in black letters within a white rectangle across the top. A large image of Ichigo's Hollow form dominates the front of the t shirt, with Ichigo's image within the face, and the words "Your Powers will be Mine!" below.

    Heroic Ichigo from "Bleach" casually wields a death-dealing sword on the front of this stylish Bleach t shirt. The Bleach Ichigo Name Frame T Shirt is black and frames the word "Bleach" repeated three times in cream and black letters. Ichigo stands ready to protect you from the evil soul-stealing hollows on this cool Bleach t shirt!