Evolve Ultra Concentrated Bleach Tablets

Clean Shot Bleach Tablets - 32 Ct. (5.64 oz) Concentrated Bleach Cleaner - For Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom Tiles - Original Scent


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To keep cleaning equipment like mops and cloths germ-free, add 2 White King bleach tablets to a quarter bucket of water. Put mops, sponges and cloths into the bucket for 10 minutes. Rinse with clean water and air dry.

They might seem clean but washing machines are also prone to harbouring bacteria. Give your machine a quick clean by adding 2 bleach tablets into the drum, put the empty washing machine through an express cycle and keep it in top cleaning condition.

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  • Clearon Bleach Tablets 32 Tablets per Bottle
  • The premium bleach tablet with our exclusive effervescent formula - 1 tablet equals 1 cup of liquid bleach
  • Specifically formulated for high efficiency and standard washing machines
  • 32 tablets per bottle equals 2 gallons of liquid bleach - use 1 tablet per load of laundry
  • Concentrated for whiter laundry and cleaner surfaces and takes up less storage space

Yay! You're now following bleach tablets in your .

Add 2 White King bleach tablets to your kitchen sink and fill with water. Submerge china and porcelain dishes including mugs and cups for 10 minutes. Give cups a quick scrub then rinse in fresh water and watch the stains disappear.

For an inexpensive and convenient clean, just put 1 White King Bleach Tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher and put the empty dishwasher through an express cycle.