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Jūshirō's is and it is released by the command "All Waves Rise Now and Become my Shield! Lightning, Strike Now and Become my Blade!" . In Sōgyo no Kotowari's shikai state, it splits into two thin blades resembling fishing javelins, making it one of only three in the Soul Society to exist as a pair of separate blades, along with Katen Kyōkotsu and the new, reforged version of Zangetsu. His Shikai is revealed to have the ability to absorb reiatsu-based attacks from one blade and then release them back through the other; the tags along the chain connecting the blades allow Ukitake to control the speed and power of the reflected attack. Some video games set prior to the current story arc incorrectly portray it as having the ability to manipulate water and electricity (which is impossible for Zanpakutō). His is currently unknown.

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