Below is a picture up close of bleached knots on a full lace wig.

Aisha Queen 4x4" Brazilian Bleached Knots Virgin Human Hair Silk Base Top Closure Body Wave with Baby Hair 16" Middle Part


Bleached Knots Womens Toupee, Bleached Knots ..

How much bleached knots should be lighten up, depends on the hair color and the lace color of the hair unit. Also, when knots are bleached too light, hair will shed excessively from that hairpiese due to the harsh chemicals used for bleaching.

Step by step on how to bleach the knots on a closure.
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Bleaching powder
Red & gold gold corrector plus - to take away the brass color you will get from bleaching.
Foam head
hair dryer or blow dryer
plastic cap
good deep conditioner

Brazilian Lace Closure Bleached Knots 4X4 Top ..

On the left regular unbeched hair knots. On the right bleached hair knots. Note how the hair seem to come right out of the skin. 

Virgin Brazilian Lace Frontal 13x4" Bleached Knots

Have you ever attempted to bleach your knots and failed? What process did you use and what do you think you should have done differently? Also, if you have a process that you believe is more effective, please share it with us! We’d love to hear from you!

If you take a look at the before picture on the left – you can see little black specs (unbleached knots). If you have a few left over after the bleaching is done, you can also use tweezers in order to remove any excess knots that did not take the bleach