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Q – So how does the flour become bleached

I appreciate your challenges. I am also alergic to bleached white flour. After 4 years of trial and error, alergy testing and working with a dietitian I came to learn that, NOT all ingredients are on the label. Bleach or benzol perioxide are used to make the flour whiter and fluffier. The manufacturer uses whatever whatever cheaper at the time and because it it considered trace amount, they are, NOT required to include it on the label.

Hoping you are well on the road to recovery. I remember that it was SUCH a relief to find other people had experienced problems like mine and had too, found the answer to be bleach in white flour. It was a very long process of elimination in my case but SO worth it. Sometimes, thinking you are the only person on the planet to have a problem and doctors can’t help is a very isolating feeling. With allergies, experimentation and elimination certainly is the key to the answers 🙂

B/c white flour when consumed by these little critters kills them!

  • Albino wheat is used to make white whole wheat flour.
  • Wheat ears along with a small pile of wheat kernels (also known as wheat berries).
  • Whole grain white breads typically have higher levels of fiber and nutrients than those made from bleached white flour.
  • Wheat and white whole wheat flour.

What is unbleached flour? | Baking Bites

It is a known fact that consuming white flour in excess is not healthy for us. However, bleached white flour may cause more harm than the unbleached one. Though the nutrition in both types of flour is similar, the bleaching agents used in bleached flour are harmful. Though the long-term effects are not identified, these agents are considered dangerous. Alloxan is a byproduct of bleaching, which is actually a toxin. Animal studies indicate that it may cause diabetes.

I am highly allergic to the bleach in white flour and it has made me very ill in the past. I have stopped eating it in any form, (I have to be a strict label watcher), and now my problems have stopped. If I eat foods containing white flour in error, (I once ate a pudding which had been thickened with white flour instead of cornflour), I become very ill and need urgent medical help. (Asthma, to anaphylaxis). In my opinion, the bleach in white flour could be a killer and it should be removed without hesitation. It won’t be of course, for money matters, not people’s health.