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With , light whitening effect, moisturizer, SPF, and brightener, Olay Natural White is everything most women need in a skin bleaching cream. The whitening effect is gentle, but offers an instant glow for easy to see smoother, brighter skin, while reducing dark spots.

Although many people enjoy the look of a tan, the reality is that the sun can do a lot of damage to your skin while it is giving you that summer glow. Over time, tanning can cause sunspots, darkening, wrinkles, and in the very worst cases, skin cancer. While wearing sunscreen can prevent a lot of this damage, a skin bleaching cream can help restore skin after the fact.

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Our exclusive Better Complexions skin bleaching creams and skin lightening products contain the most effective ingredients available for whitening your skin and treating hyperpigmentation. Our products can whiten your overall complexion and treat and get rid of age spots, freckles, and other pigmentation problems. Some of the most effective ingredients our products contain:

Ambi Fade offers a low-cost bleaching cream made for reducing the color of spots and without changing the user's natural skin tone; it suits women who just want clear skin. Available for normal or oily skin, it features a triple-action formula that begins to work within two weeks, with the use of sunscreen.