4 Easy TCA piling + Blending Bleaching krema + Melablock SPF 50+

Skin Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas


Easy TCA + Blending Bleaching krema + DHEA-Phyto krema

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Bleaching cream is a product made to lighten unwanted facial or body hair. Lightening the hair allows it to blend in so that it is not as noticeable. This process is less painful than waxing and less expensive than laser hair removal. Bleaching can be done every few weeks with little or no irritation to the underlying skin. Bleaching kits are available for home use and instructions on how to mix the product are usually provided, however if a kit does not contain instructions simply read the steps below for help in blending the bleaching cream.

4 Easy TCA piling + Blending Bleaching krema + Melablock SPF 50+

Unideep piling + Blending Bleaching krema + Melablock HSP 50+

Skintech Blending/ Bleaching Cream helps the complexion become clearer and your skin texture is more refined: your skin becomes more glowing and helps you achieve a more smooth and even complexion.

SkinTech Blending Bleaching Cream is a hydroquinine free lightening cream, to diminish hyperpigmentation. This cream contains Vitamin C and so, has strong anti-oxidant effects to protect against free radical damage.

You should always use a sunscreen when using a lightening cream, so for best effects combine with SkinTech Melablock solar screen HSP 50.

For use on the following skin types: Acquired post-inflammatory, hormone-dependent hyperpigmentations, Melasma, chloasma. May also be used for the prevention and/ or treatment of hyperpigmentations, following laser treatments, peelings, dermabrasion and depilation. (Subject to professional advice)

Apply to the whole face in the morning followed by a sunblock and on any affected areas in the evening,

Finding a solution to hyperpigmentation is often a dream for many of us. Blending Bleaching cream is part of an answer to this problem.

Blending Bleaching cream does not contain corticoids or hydroquinone but is able to bleach and blend the skin.

Blending Bleaching cream contains a complex mixture of antityrosinases, antioxidants and turn over stimulations. Its best use is to be combined with Easy TCA peeling in case of pigmentary problems

Prevention and or treatment of hyperpigmentations. Also very effective following laser treatments, peeling, dermabrasions and depilation. Slows down skin oxidation and free radical activity, and help to keep skin smooth.

Active ingredients:
- Glycolic Acid
- Retinol
- Tyrosinase inhibitors complex (morusAlba, kojic palmitate,licorice extracts, glabridine, liquiritine, mulberrooside F,Lactic acid)-
- Glycyrrhetinic Acid

Apply twice a day on the whole face, after cleansing