Blood Stain Removal From Alabaster and Marble

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Blood Stain Removal Cleaning Tips-Stain Removal

I would agree with the commenters above who say hydrogen peroxide has worked for them for blood stain removal. It is actually one of the two ingredients that Oxiclean forms when it is mixed with water — hydrogen peroxide and washing soda. That is why Oxiclean works so well on blood stains. I’ve also used Carbona Stain Devil # 4 for blood stains with great success. I pour it on and the stain disappears immediately, with just a bit of rubbing, even before laundering. I even used this on a mattress pad I bled on after my time of the month!

Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Now you have all the tips and tricks to be an expert blood stain remover too. Cold water and speed is the key.

How to Remove Blood Stains: Blood Stain Removal | Clorox

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How to Get Blood Out of Carpet - Blood Stain Removal

Now you know all the tricks and tips to clean it up fast. If blood has stained a fabric that is washable, simply rinsing the blood stained area with cold water immediately and adding just a dab of detergent directly to the stain will do the trick. Now you are a qualified blood stain remover too.

Usually blood stains are removed very easily with a sponge or paper towels dipped in cold water. If the blood stains are on a counter surface, sink or other area where germs may congregate and come in contact with people, be sure to use a sanitizer spray or wipe thoroughly with Clorox.