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Natural Fabric Softener - Reusable Unscented Eco Friendly Wool Dryer Balls - Natural Dryer Sheets & Fabric Softener Bar - 3000 Cycle Rating


Downy Ultra Clean Breeze Scent Fabric Softener 60 loads 51oz

The Purex 100 oz. Mountain Breeze Fabric Softener leaves your clothes smelling fresh and feeling their softest. One 100 oz. bottle is enough for 40 washes. For touchably soft clothes, every time, add Classic Purex regular liquid fabric softener during the final rinse cycle. It will give all of your fabrics a softer feel and help reduce static cling.

The Downy Ultra Clean Breeze Fabric Softener Liquid offers your clothing a crisp clean scent and refreshment. This product is formulated to make your clothes feel wonderfully soft and fresh with less static and fewer wrinkles. The laundry fabric softener is made with renewing scent pearls, and it can be used for 105 wash loads. This Downy Ultra Clean Breeze Fabric Softener Liquid is specially designed to infuse the fabric to make it more comfortable.

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Breezy: Sun Sky Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets

If you are a fabric softener addict there are now a number of companies that provide alternative and ‘green’ fabric softeners. But, essentially, these are unnecessary products that can trigger health problems and can interfere with the functional aspect of some textiles. For instance, when used on towels and nappies some fabric softeners can reduce absorbency, which is why it’s generally recommended that reusable nappies aren’t washed with them. Once they are washed down the drain they can become highly toxic to aquatic life. Given this, maybe it’s worth asking yourself whether the time has come to break the fabric softener habit completely.

Downy Febreze Fabric Softener,Spring&Renewal-44oz, 52Lds

Breathe some fresh air into your fabrics with Downy with Febreze Fresh Scent fabric softener.
Our Spring & Renewal scent adds a fresh, fruity fragrance with a hint of citrus notes while making fabrics feel wonderfully soft and fresh with fewer wrinkles.