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Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Stick - 2 Pack


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Buncha Farmers Stain Remover 60g All natural stain remover. Made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, and enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid in the cleaning process. No artificial dyes or perfumes. Colour safe and hypo-allergenic. Wet stick, rub on stain and then launder as usual, and it works! Canadian made product by stay-at-home moms

The Buncha Farmers stain remover contains litsea, a plant-based cleaner that is non-toxic and cuts through residue without harming fabrics. Litsea is derived from a pepper like berry from an evergreen shrub and has an invigorating aroma. It smells quite good and can actually ease anxiety and stress in many people. Imagine cleaning your home with something known to relieve anxiousness– doesn’t that sound like the perfect solution for the stress of daily life? Many people think so, and litsea essential oils are often marketed in aromatherapy, not just cleaning the carpet.

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My use and review of Buncha Farmers Stain Remover on an authentic Coach satin bag. I purchased the bag second hand and it had quite a few stains on it as you can see in the video. After very little scrubbing with the stain stick, a cloth and some warm water, the purse looks new and beautiful!! Thanks Buncha Farmers!!

Buncha Farmers Stain Remover works on your laundry, mama pads, and cloth diapers! We relied on it heavily when we lived in an apartment and couldn't sun our dipes. @Helen Davidson Ecobean