Coco gets her butthole bleached

XR Brands Anal Bleach with Vitamin C and Aloe, 6 Oz


Anal bleaching - My Lighter Skin

Whether or not you want to hop aboard the butt bleaching bandwagon, Hung concludes that "It doesn't matter how pretty you think your hole looks if you're not truly taking care of it.

The basic origin of anal bleaching started with porn stars. After one particularly revealing waxing session, one porn star couldn’t help but notice that her nether regions were a darker shade. With a desire to lighten it, so began butt bleaching.

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    Other common search terms can include more casual phrases such as “butt bleaching” or “how to bleach butt”. If you are unhappy with the overall look of your skin tone on intimate areas of the body such as the anus, then it can be both easy and affordable to address this problem with the use of a intimate area whitening product. It is not an absolute necessity, when attempting to whiten the appearance of an area of the body, to use a bleaching product. Especially when the areas in question are much more delicate than less intimate areas of the body. For these parts of the body, it is often more beneficial to use a product with a more gentle formulation, because as with any sensitive areas of the body the application of any product with harsh bleaching agents has the potential cause irritation or can potentially result in some other type of adverse reaction.