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Many camera cleaning tools are readily available. The ever-present toothbrush is used for removing dirt as well as for applying leather creams and polishes. A small, stiff paintbrush sweeps dust out of tight spots, and a dentist’s sulcus brush (available at most drug stores) is excellent for extracting dust and dirt from narrow grooves. A small plastic box filled with string or knitting yarn is useful to clean built-up dirt from leather camera handles. When saturated with metal polish (see below), string pieces make short work of polishing concave surfaces.

Because I trusted the judgment of the Do It Yourself folks I spoke with (and because I’m a cheapskate), I opted to take a chance and clean the sensor myself. I consulted withMacworldcontributor and digital photo god, who suggested I visit—one of the leading suppliers of camera cleaning tools—for the items I’d need.

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The Carson SensorKlear Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Tool LP-60 is a tool for cleaning the CCD sensor in digital SLR cameras. This Cleaning Tool of will eliminate the need to send your camera off for expensive repairs due to a dirty CCD sensor. The SensorKlear Cleaning Tool LP60 by is used by technicians in camera manufacturer service centers. These Carson SensorKlear Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Tools LP 60 use a non-liquid cleaning compound for a safe and effective cleaning that will not damage your camera.