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Chemical Guys CWS_103 Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo and Odor Eliminator (1 Gal)


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Choose from ready-to-use carpet cleaning chemicals that require no measuring or mixing for optimal convenience. We also carry bulk concentrated cleaners that you can dilute to the concentration you require as you tackle large-scale jobs. Our carpet cleaners come in aerosol, gel, liquid, powder, and spray forms depending on your preferences. With these options available, it's easy to find a product you can use on both small stains and widespread areas.

Make sure your carpets look new and clean with our carpet cleaning chemicals. We offer shampoos and deodorizers to keep your floors sanitary as well as attractive. Use stain removers to treat any spots where customers have spilled a drink or food item. Our gum removers are also helpful for removing the most difficult residue from your high or low-pile carpets. If you're looking for a product with a refreshing scent, we offer some carpet cleaning solution in fresh or citrus smells, too.

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And since Oxi Fresh is low moisture, we don’t produce wastewater. Instead of trying to suck up dirty water, we use a cleaning method that allows us to scrub the carpet from the pile to the tip, removing any debris thanks to our green cleaning solutions, a clever machine, and only about 2 gallons of water. Carpets naturally dry about an hour after we’re done, leaving you with a safe, effective cleaning that doesn’t rely on unnecessarily harsh carpet cleaning chemicals.

There are a few reasons to not go straight to those strong carpet cleaning chemicals. The first being that a lot of people are sensitive to chemical smells and residues, so it’s best to limit unnecessary exposure to those carpet cleaning chemicals. Second is the environmental concern. A lot of carpet cleaners use the method, which means they pump water mixed with the carpet cleaning chemicals into the carpet and then suck out as much as they can. But what happens with that contaminated water? It has to be properly disposed and, if it’s not, all of those carpet cleaning chemicals will end up polluting the environment.