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Resolve Pet Expert Carpet Cleaner Powder - Eliminates Dirt and Odors - Removes 3X More Pet Hair, 18 oz


X-Mite Anti-Allergen Moist Powder Carpet Cleaner

18 OZ, Resolve Pet Formula Carpet Cleaner Moist Powder, Is A Large Area Carpet Cleaner, Fast Drying Formula Removes Tough Ground-In Dirt and odors left behind by pets, Carpet Is Dry In Only 20 Minutes, Eliminates pet odors, freshens with a light, clean scent. Cleans Up To One 8' x 10' Localized Area, Safely Cleans Carpets, Including Stain-Resistant, Except Special Carpets Like Antique Or Oriental Rugs.

The Resolve 81760 large area carpet cleaner moist powder uses a surfactant, solvents, and cellulose to help loosen and absorb dirt and odor-causing bacteria from household carpets when sprinkled on, scrubbed in, let dry, and then vacuumed up. One 18 oz. bottle cleans up to an 8' x 10' area, removing more dirt from carpets than vacuuming alone. Requires soft-bristle scrub brush, at least 20 minutes drying time, and a vacuum cleaner (not recommended for use with a vacuum cleaner with a water filter or water tank).

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