Shark Sonic Duo Carpet Cleaning Replacement Pads, 2-Pack

Shark XTCRU500 Sonic Duo Replacement Pads (Pack of 2)


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Pad maintenance is also an essential. Wash and dry your pads soon after using them, ideally at some point during the same day of usage. Find a good detergent for the cleaning bonnets and keep it handy in your truck as well as some Borax to mix a small amount into the wash load. DO NOT use bleach on your carpet cleaning pads. You can ruin your pads in just one wash with the use of bleach–it greatly weakens the fibers. Your pads are most likely not going to appear the same “bright white” after a few uses, but this does not mean they are not clean.

It’s important to change your carpet cleaning pads frequently. It is much better to change your pads more often than necessary than it is to damage your pads and the carpet by running them too long.

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    The type of carpet in which you are working with also makes a difference in the life of your carpet cleaning machine bonnet. Frieze or cut pile carpet creates less friction whereas a looped berber or Commercial Glue Down (CGD) has been found to create more friction. You may find yourself having to change your carpet cleaning pads more often with the latter.