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These powerful top quality carpet cleaning truck mount equipment consist of a large tank and an attached hose. The hose is used to extract water, dirt, and debris from the carpet and transport it to the tank. Cleaning is done in a highly organized and systematic manner without causing any physical stress to the operators, as they don’t have to manually scrub and clean the carpets. The best thing about truck mount machines for carpet and upholstery cleaning is that these machines are extremely versatile and can be used for industrial, commercial, and also residential carpet cleaning.

The primary advantage of a truckmount lies with the carpet cleaning customer, as truck mounts do not need to use your electric or hot water so it means no costly electric and gas bills in the post long after the carpet cleaning company have left your home, truck mounts have a waste tank fitted so the technician can take the dirty water away and it does not end up down your sink or toilet, quick setup and easy use of the truckmount makes it preferable among professional cleaners. Regrettably only a small percentage of carpet cleaning companies use truck mounts as the cost is usually between $10,000.00 to $35,000.00 US, and is therefore out of reach for many small companies and professionals. Currently it is estimated that only 28% of professional carpet cleaners use truckmount carpet cleaning machines. Many truck mount manufacturers are going ( green 4 carpet and upholstery cleaning ) and are doing things like LPG conversions or improvements to make the machines use less petrol or diesel which makes them more environmentally friendly

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Cleanco has manufactured direct drive truckmounts for the professional carpet cleaning and restoration industries for 40 years. Over this time, refinements & engineering innovations have lead the Compact direct drive carpet cleaning truckmounts to the top of its class in power, ease of operation and reliability.