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Whether you are looking for a shark steam cleaner, the best rated carpet steam cleaners or even just the best home steam cleaners, you should have a better idea on how to make the choice.

Wow, your post on steam cleaning the carpets really touches all the important parts. I am a professional cleaner and operate the heavy professional carpet steam cleaners each day. The process you describe will work perfectly for every household and I recommend to do it once or even twice a year – during the spring cleaning and before the winter. Deep cleaning the carpets before the colder months will minimize the dirt build-up after and it will be a lot faster and easier to clean them the next spring. I also use a finishing product called Scotchgard which protects carpets from future stains.

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  • Called a heated carpet steam cleaner because of the high heat it produces.
  • Bissell Big Green Carpet Steam Cleaner

    It wouldn’t matter, but you have to read an awful lot of text until you get to the bit that says, “it’s important to realize that most carpet steam cleaners are designed to lay down water when you’re pushing the machine forward, and extract it while you pull it back toward you”.

    First of all, many carpet manufacturers will actually void a warranty if you do not have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once a year. Maintaining clean carpets is very important, but is often overlooked by many carpet sales representatives. So why not clean your carpets yourself? The machine that most professional organizations use will do much more than a residential shampooer that the average person will buy.