Clorox 2 for Colors Color Safe Liquid Bleach, Fresh Meadow

Clorox 2 Liquid Concentrated Color Safe Bleach - Free & Clear - 33 oz - 2 pk


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Clorox is also bringing out new versions of some existingproducts, such as streak-free Clorox wipes and a Clorox 2 colorsafe bleach made for high-efficiency washing machines, Knausssaid.

Major Products: Home care—Clorox bleaches, wipes, cleaners and cleaning systems; Formula 409 cleaners; Green Works natural cleaning products; Handi-Wipes cloths; Lestoil cleaner; Liquid-Plumr clog removers and treatments; Pine-Sol cleaners; S.O.S pads and sponges; Tilex cleaners and removers; Wash’n Dri towelettes. Laundry additives—Clorox bleaches, gels and stain removers; Clorox 2 color safe bleach. Auto care—Armor All protectants, cleaners and wipes; STP protectants, additives and functional fluids. Personal care—Burt’s Bees cosmetics, skin and personal care.

Color Safe Bleach: Not a Misnomer! | Clorox

oxygen bleach which makes it color-safe