Clorox Gentle Bleach Liquid Free & Clear 8/55fo

Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner Spray - 30 oz - 2 pk


Soft and gentle, it rinses easily, leaving a film-free shine

I am a bit obsessive about sanitation, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom. Dealing with mixing up cleaning solutions and wiping things down constantly can quickly become a hassle. That is why I jumped for joy when I discovered Clorox Bleach Free Disinfecting wipes. So easy to use, and yet another great Clorox product that I can trust.

While they're not meant for heavy duty cleaning, they are great for wiping off counter tops, the stove, the microwave, toilet seats, bathroom faucets, etc, as a daily routine. I appreciate the fact that by taking two minutes a day and a couple of the wipes, I can drastically reduce the amount of germs in my household without a ton of effort.

The scent is light and citrus based, not too overpowering. The wipes don't leave behind any sticky residue either, which is a problem with some cleaners I've used.

The only problem I've encountered with the product is more of an issue with the container they come in. If you don't close it up properly, the wipes will dry out in no time. And I also have trouble getting the wipes to feed through the opening so that I just pull one out at a time. I usually end up having to unscrew the lid and just pull out the roll and tear a couple off because they won't come out as intended.

But don't let the packaging deter you. This is a great product.

Clorox bleach free disinfecting wipes now come in a thicker, more textured wipe that cleans better than ever before! These low-streak wipes can safely be used on a wide variety of surfaces including acrylic, plastic, glass, and vinyl. As a ready-to-use non-woven wipe, they are a very popular in the classroom, work place, day care, health clubs, and grocery stores.

The ingredients in Clorox bleach are water, sodium hypochlorite ..

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) | The Clorox Company