Cold Water Laundry Detergent 6 L

Tide Coldwater Clean Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent, 92 oz, 48 loads


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Special consideration should be given when picking the cold water laundry detergents, as they are rather a great way of cleaning your clothing with the prompt speed. They come with different ingredients and flavors, and you can make your decision relying on that.

Conserve energy without skimping on the clean. Save money on your water heating bill with Purex Coldwater Laundry Detergent for an incredible laundry clean for all clothes in cool water. Specifically formulated for a powerful, advanced clean in non-heated water, Purex Coldwater laundry detergent makes it easy to keep your colours clean and your whites bright while using the cold wash setting.

Tide Cold Water Liquid Laundry Detergent - Fresh Scent - 2.72L/48 use

Cold Water Laundry Detergent - "The Science of Cool"

We ran a dual test to see exactly how well Tide Coldwater liquid laundry detergent would work. We had a T-shirt that had dried mustard and ketchup stains on it and a sweater that had a few small stains, so we washed them using cold water and Tide Coldwater liquid laundry detergent. We did not pre-treat the stains with any Tide Coldwater liquid laundry detergent or other stain remover. Below are pictures showing the T-shirt and sweater before and after washing. As you can see from the pictures, Tide Coldwater liquid laundry detergent totally removed the stains on the sweater, however, the T-shirt still has the mustard stain and the ketchup stain is half gone.

Tide Coldwater liquid laundry detergent gave us clean clothes having a fresh, but not overpowering scent while reducing our energy cost. I am overall satisfied with Tide Coldwater’s ability to effectively clean and remove most stains using cost efficient cold water but I do think you still will need to pre-treat certain stains to get them completely out.