yes, u can use color safe bleach(M)

Clorox 2 Liquid Concentrated Color Safe Bleach - Free & Clear - 33 oz - 2 pk


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Well, I had run out of color-safe bleach because the weather has been so mild, mildew hasn’t been an issue. So, yesterday on our weekly shopping trip I planned to buy the generic color safe bleach, even though it wasn’t on sale. MAN!!! Roughly $7.00 for generic colorsafe bleach. As I was standing there, contemplating how bad it would be to make a certain young man wear moldy smelling clothes, something caught my eye. It was this….

Fights tough stains. Advanced formula with enzymes. Whitens whites, brightens colors. For all washable and colorfast fabrics. Gentle: Snowy is gentle enough to use every time you wash. Removes Stains and Dirt: The advanced cleaning system in Snowy helps your detergent remove tough stains and dirt. Whitens and Brightens: Snowy Color Safe Bleach whitens whites and brightens colors. Fabric Information: Snowy Color Safe Bleach is safe on all washable and colorfast fabric including cotton, linen, permanent press, stretch garments, nylons, polyester, acrylic, spandex and synthetic blends. For wool, silk, acetate and other sensitive fabrics in doubt, follow Washability Test Instructions. Safe for septic tanks.

Oxi Clean is the best color safe bleach

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Color-safe bleach provides protection for the stuffed animal’s colors while working to ensure the eradication of any existing mold spore. Place the stuffed animal within a pillow case, tie the end, and place within the washing machine. Measure a normal cup of color safe bleach and add within the washer before running an entire cycle. After the completion of the wash, place within the dryer and run on gentle.

Conserv Solid Green 55 Color Safe Bleach has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program as a step forward in improving the safety and environmental impact of cleaning products.