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How to Clean Hairbrushes and Combs: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

This is another fine product from the IceToolz brand name, the IceToolz C123 Combination Sprocket Cleaning Tool & Brush has been designed to both functional and practical. It is the ideal tool for any toolbox fitted with a serrated edge at one end to clean your sprocket and a small narrow brush to finish. It has been designed to be both very durable and hardwearing.


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This is the Aqua Comb cleaning tool just like the one in the video I made for the swimming pool cartridges but made especially for your spa filter. The main difference between the two is that the combs are shorter. This also doubles as a Pet Grooming tool for your dog which I try to demonstrate on my dog at the end of this video - it doesn't go well....

You can see a better use of this on a much more relaxed dog on their website with this link:

You can also visit their main page to learn more about the Aqua Comb itself:

To see the pool version of the Aqua-Comb:

As you can see from the video this thing actually works and works exceptionally well. It uses less water and cleans the filter quicker and more efficiently then a high pressure nozzle or spray nozzle.

I use a filter cleaner before cleaning and let it set for 5 minutes or more. This will allow the built up body oils and scented oils to break down. It will also kill any bio-mass that can build up in the filters due to the much smaller volume of water being filtered.

So if you have a spa and a dog this is a must have tool for you.

Here is the write-up on the " Aqua Comb" A Pic-Comb & Water Groomer for Dogs! -- from the manufacturer.

Device allows you one hand free.
Water action helps detangle hair
Uses less soap and water.
Drying time much quicker with less towels needed.
Massage action calms animal making cleaning eaiser!
Spray pattern creates a wall of water that thoroughly drives the shampoo and hair treatment from hair & skin!
Your pet will be healthier, cleaner and its coat will appear brighter and shinier.
The on/off switch is also variable flow control.
The Aqua Comb can be used on all types of pets that have medium to long hair.
Helps remove dead hair during wash cycle.

Wash Steps:
Wet your pet all over going against the hair grain for
maximum cleaning effect.
Lather up your pet with your pet shampoo.
Now pre-rinse your pet again going against the grain.
The finish rinsing will be with the grain of the hair to allow all to lay down properly.
The final step is to dry off your pet.

Your pet will love the massage action of the Aqua Comb and wash time will become A FUN TIME!!

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How to Clean Hairbrushes and Combs

  • Make: IceToolz
  • Model:  C123 Combination Sprocket Cleaning Tool & Brush
  • Product code: 2137-642
  • Colour: Grey

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