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Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine


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The EPA reports that unless you regularly clean your carpets with a commercial carpet cleaning machine to loosen and remove bacteria, a dirty carpet can capture air pollutants and trap them.

Carpet cleaning is about more than just carpet that looks and smells great. When you take advantage of a well built commercial carpet cleaning machine, you may be improving air quality and eliminating toxins and bacteria the naked eye cannot see.

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  • 8' vacuum hose and industrial grade plastic tool power this commercial carpet spot cleaning machine.
  • Pressure Washers, Carpet Steam Cleaners - Daimer Industries

    There are some clients who just won’t be happy with the long term benefits. They want to see the advantages of a commercial carpet cleaning machine right now. So sometimes you have to point out the small things.

    A commercial carpet cleaning machine is a great way to keep your home or workplace tidy, especially if you do not want to call the professionals and prefer to take matters into your own hands after acquiring robust specialty equipment. Find portable machines that quickly extract dirt and have casters on the bottom so you can roll them out to a car to tidy up vehicle upholstery. Others have dual wand attachments, making it easier to focus the water jets on heavily soiled areas that are in hard-to-reach places. Alternatively, the vast inventory on eBay also includes truck-mount carpet cleaning machine hookups that power your tools directly in the vehicle. These are great accessories for anyone who is making carpet cleaning an income generator. Also, look for the Ninja carpet cleaning machine that holds 11 gallons of carpet cleaning solution and has a double jet S-bend cleaning wand to target dirt and wash it away for good. It also features front wheels and a rear dolly so the cleaner goes easily up or down stairs. Dirty, dingy carpeting leaves a bad impression on anyone who visits. Fix it in a flash by using a commercial carpet cleaning machine.