Concrete oil stain remover review:

Chomp 52019 Pull It Out Concrete Oil Stain Remover


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Pour-N-Restore® Oil Stain Remover combines a powerful citrus degreaser with a non-leaching absorbent to create Micro-Extraction Technology™, making Pour-N-Restore® superior to conventional concrete oil stain removers.

Pour-N-Restore® Oil Stain Remover lifts and absorbs embedded food grease stains, cooking oil stains, transmission fluid stains, and more, as it dries from a liquid to a powder. Our concrete oil stain remover works by combining a powerful citrus degreaser with a non-leaching absorbent. To remove oil stains from concrete, garage stains, patio stains, stone stains, and more, just apply Pour-N-Restore® Oil Stain Remover, let it dry from a liquid to a powder, and sweep it up. No scrubbing. No rinsing. No mess.

Chomp Solutions | Pull It Out Concrete Stain Remover

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Follow these concrete stain removal tips to get rid of all spots and grime. The essential first step is to determine what caused the grime or concrete stain, if you can, and then act accordingly – and fast.